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Anonymous sent: Hey do you have a link to the original Japanese subbed episodes of Avatar: Legend of Korra? Not this English dubbed shite.



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The more I look at it, the more I think that this look:

is almost exactly like this one:


Now, I’m just as disappointed as anybody at the fact that Bolin’s attraction to Korra was just completely skipped over in the later episodes, but judging by that look he gave her after they hugged, I’m guessing that those feelings didn’t just ‘vanish’.

Hear me out here.

While Bolin has been shown to look up to his brother, it was also stated in his bio that he feels inferior to Mako as well. This makes sense because while Mako has raised Bolin, comforted and cared for him for his entire life, he isn’t really that supportive of his brother. Mako is used to taking charge and having Bolin follow him, he’s so determined to make sure Bolin doesn’t get hurt that he doesn’t let Bolin go out on his own and make his own decisions.

So Bolin’s never had the chance to believe in his own judgement. He’s always depended on Mako to help him.This led to a certain amount of insecurities, which he seems to have originally dealt with by being outgoing and charming, soaking in the praise of ‘fangirls’ to supplement his own low self worth. It worked for a while.

But then Korra came.

Korra, who Bolin fell head over earthbending piggies for, who he loved and admired for her drive and confidence. Which are both things he lacks. It makes sense that he’d fall for her because of this. He wants what he doesn’t have, can’t have. Yet, for one dizzying moment, he had her.

That isn’t the look of someone who had just a fleeting crush. He was falling for her harder than he ever had before. Even more than any of those fangirls, because it appears that they seemed to be after Mako more than anything else. Remember when Bolin snapped at Mako to ‘leave some girls for the rest of us’?

It seems like all those fangirls whose praise and cheer that Bolin depended on to soothe his own insecurities were more interested in Mako than they were in him.

So it crushes him two-fold when Korra—the girl he fell for because she was so different from anybody he’d ever met, the girl who was ‘one of a kind’—still fell for his brother instead.

Now all those little hidden insecurities, those little doubts and fears about who he was and whether he would ever be good enough, they all came to a head when he saw Mako kissing Korra. He wasn’t good enough again. He’d messed up somehow, it had to be his fault, he must have done something wrong because everything was so wrong now when it had been perfect just moments ago.

Any other person would have been furious at Mako for kissing a girl who he knew his brother liked, and would have taken quite some time to forgive Mako for betraying him like that.

Not Bolin. He had a small moment of anger—‘You’re a bad idea’—but then it was gone. Because Mako is not only his brother, he is Bolin’s caretaker, guardian, mother, father, and best friend all rolled into one. That’s a lot of dependency.

Bolin wouldn’t have confronted Mako in any serious way. And he didn’t.

Bolin just covered everything up with smiles and optimism, the same way he had dealt with everything else in his life. He never had any closure with his crush on Korra and it never got resolved. So it sat there and it festered. 

He watched Mako and Korra grow closer and closer, and didn’t say a damned word because he was trying as hard as he possibly could to make himself believe he didn’t care.

But in this scene, his strange affection comes to light yet again, but it’s changed now. That look isn’t the same content, loving look he gave to Korra during their date. It was sadder, worn down and weary from the struggle to keep everything down, to keep his feelings manageable and in check.

It didn’t work. I think he finally realized it in that one cap. It. Didn’t. Work.

Borrowing a little (a lot) from my liveblogging experience, you can just see it all from the hug he gave her.

It’s in the way he holds out his arms and waits for her to come into them, like he wanted her to to be the one who came to him this time, or like he didn’t trust himself to let go if he did it. He doesn’t even wait for her to come the entire way, he pulls her closer and just slumps down so quickly, like the strain of waiting for her was too much to bear.

And that look is not a platonic look. It’s not. He didn’t even look like that when he was hugging his own brother.

That is the look of a man that is embracing someone he cares for very, very much, but knows that this could be the last time he ever does so. Because even if she came back alive from fighting Amon, he would probably never get this close to her again. Not the way he wanted to.

And look at the way he’s hugging her. She’s giving him a simple, friendly hug, but him? He has his arm wrapped around her waist, something that was not necessary in the least. It’s almost like he was intent on pressing her as close to him as humanly possible.

And Bolin just looks sosad. Almost like he finally realized exactly how deep he was in, how impossible this situation was.

He couldn’t forget her, not like this, not by ignoring every reason why he had to. He’d messed up again, but this time it was worse because he didn’t know how to get himself out of this one. All his previous ways of dealing with his issues weren’t working anymore. He couldn’t force a smile and pretend nothing was wrong.

Because loving Korra was something he didn’t know how to stop doing.

Batty, what are you doing to my feelings.

this makes me want to cry

On my eighth rewatch I saw his face and thought the exact same thing and I cried and now you made me cry again. 

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If you truly love something, let it go…




I felt as if this post was necessary; detailing the body language Bolin had been giving off in the season finale and how I think Bolin is internally feeling with everything going on around him, especially with Korra.

I’ve gotten a message or two about how it’s a bit difficult to read a post on my blog with the black and white, so for this post, I won’t put it under a cut. If you’re not interested, please continue scrolling.

Alright, so the season finale broke many Borra shippers’ hearts, including my own, but I refuse to believe that our ship has been sunk. As I said, Bolin will learn metalbending and patch up the holes, guys. No worries. Makorra may be canon, but that does not eliminate the possibility of Borra being endgame.

When Korra was about to depart with Mako to go and face Amon, we see a very depressed looking Bolin. He knows that Korra is tough and can handle herself on her own, but he’s always warning her about “nasty dudes” as he has always done. Bolin is the guy that has to put some humor in every situation, no matter how grim, to make it through. I’m sure he was feeling many emotions in this particular scene:

The way he’s looking at Korra and Naga is so genuine. He has a very soft expression upon his face, coming to terms that this is it, this is real. This fight is real and I’m about to say goodbye to the girl I have immense feelings for, not knowing if even I will be back to her.

His soft expression mimics the one he gave Korra on their date. The photo I’m speaking of is this one:

That soft expression that indicates that nothing else really matters in the world except that one person who is your world. That you acknowledge their strengths and their weaknesses and you accept them, no matter what. Bolin’s unconditional affection for Korra is one of the most purest types of affection we’ve seen on the series so far, aside from Tenzin’s love for his children and Lin’s love for Republic City.

Bolin, in that scene, knew that he may be losing Korra and that he may be fighting a losing battle but his feelings came second to hers. Korra is the girl that Bolin changed for. She is the girl he chased. She is the girl that lights up his very world and did from the very moment he saw her.

When Korra gave Naga to Bolin, we knew that Bolin meant a significant amount to her and that Bolin has a special place in her heart. Korra has never offered Naga to Mako, or anybody else for that matter, making this a critical moment. Naga shares a connection with Bolin and as odd as it sounds, knows how positive an effect Bolin has had on Korra.

So it leads us to the beautiful hug:

Korra has a calm, happy, expression on her face while hugging Bolin knowing that Bolin can take care of himself, too. That everything will work out and that she will see him again. Bolin’s slouched posture and sad expression show that he feels a bit defeated. That he realizes that he needs to let Korra go do her own thing. Let her be free. Not that he’ll stop caring for her because we’ve established that Bolin will always care for Korra, no matter what. I have no doubt that Bolin would have been the one to pick up the pieces if Korra hadn’t gotten her bending restored. Bolin hugs her so tight, as if showing he doesn’t want to let her go, and he doesn’t want this certain moment to end. He wants Korra to be in his arms like this, every day, for the rest of his life.

The level of affection Bolin has for Korra is something we’ve seen since day one. They were drawn to each other right away and their chemistry is amazing together.

Korra has made such a positive impact on Bolin’s life. Korra and Bolin have constantly bettered each other.

Near the end of the episode, when everybody is on edge waiting for the results, we see a sulking Bolin sitting on the couch with his brother and his friend.

Mako seems stressed out and tired from the day’s events. I can’t even fathom everything Asami must be thinking. How uncomfortable it must be to sit next to Mako, have her dad try and kill her, her friend just lost her bending.

But then we see Bolin. Bolin’s eyes are focused on the door, waiting for Korra to come out. Just sitting and being patient. He’s slouched a bit with his arms around one knee showing the worry and anxiety that he must be feeling. He’s so focused on that door and hoping to see Korra come out and for her to not feel the pain she’s feeling. He’s sitting there as if he wants to take it all away and that, in a sense, he’d do anything to switch positions. Bolin hates seeing Korra hurt and in this scene, we see that out of all three of them, he is the most concerned. Bolin’s feelings for Korra are very deep, guys. We can’t ignore this.

When Korra does come out, and is told that they can’t restore her bending, we see another vital body language shot:

Korra looks defeated, lost, and inevitably lonely. I don’t feel as though Asami got her proper breakup, because of how close she was sitting and standing next to Mako. It just feels like a one-sided breakup to me.

But see the way Bolin is looking at Korra. He looks as if he’s trying to find something to say, something to comfort her, but knows that nothing he can do or say will heal the pain she’s feeling at that moment. But, you know what, he’s still looking at her as if she is still that wonderful, perfect, buffest, most gorgeous-est girl as he had always knew she was. That she was still Korra and still the girl he yearned for.

All in all, Bolin’s feelings for Korra are immense and heavy and it’s a shame to see them tossed to the side as if they don’t matter by the writers. Bolin’s affections for Korra are much more complex and understood than any Mako supposedly has. Bolin’s feelings have developed from crush to falling in love.

And Bolin knows that if you truly love something, you let it go and you let it grow. You be there. You comfort. You hold. You trust. And you remain selfless.

They say true love is when you love somebody more than you love yourself and that is what I think Bolin feels exactly. He puts her feelings before his own, which is why he’s letting her go off and enduring the torture behind closed doors.

Borra 5eva ~

Ugh Borra feelings


I still want Borra to happen ksjhlakfjdh

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